About Us:

Horsepicking.com was recently founded by Mitch Rosen, an expert in Leadership and Management Development and an avid horse racing fan.  What sets us apart from other horse racing sites is we don’t want to waste your time with “bells and whistles,” bore you with useless statistics and over-complicate the handicapping process.  The purpose of this site is simple:  list lots of winners, simplify race analysis so you can make money and provide a place where people can discuss and learn more about the game they love.

When you visit our site, we ask you to bring the same core values to the table as we use to approach horse racing. They are:

Discipline – When handicapping and making wagers, we stick to a plan and take the emotion out of the process.  We expect you to do the same!

Courage – You can’t make money unless you are prepared to take risks.  Play with conviction every time!

Humor – Even for serious bettors, you’re supposed to have fun while participating.  When the fun stops, stop playing!

Humbleness – This is a tough game.  When you are going well, don’t flaunt it.  Be appreciative today because the bottom can fall out tomorrow!

Through these values, we look forward to establishing relationships with our clients, increase the enjoyment of horse racing and maybe get lucky a few times.