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Brown’s In the “Black” At Saratoga (8/5/18)

Aug 5th, 2018 | By | Category: Saratoga, Today's Picks

Muddy and yielding for the Saturday card with races 2, 6 and 11 off the turf.  Not a good day yesterday with scratches and off the turf races creating havoc and leading to some suspect betting patterns on two year olds who took so much money and romped without any reason.  Tips and inside information have always been a part of this game, but they lose as much as they win, so I will stick with my handicapping any day!  My win percentage for the meet is ok (23%) but best bets aren’t winning and multi-race wagers have only occasionally gone beyond doubles.  My exacta boxes have been pretty good — especially in races when my best bet on top doesn’t win.  So, please keep in mind that in best bet races, my second or third choice win often, so about 75% of the time I do list the winner in those races, so play accordingly.  Best bets on top will start winning — one of my specialties over the years, but until they do play accordingly.  Only one winner on top yesterday — feel much better about the card today!

In race 10, Kurlilov (#4) gets back on preferred surface and Brown has been winning everything up here — makes one run here.  Key in all doubles and pick 3′s and play an exacta box with #’s 3 and 2.

In race 4, Rockford (#9) is the absolute speed of this and can regain form on the front end here at a decent price — key in all doubles and pick 3′s and play an exacta box with #’s 6 and 2.  Here’s the entire card and good luck!

Race 1: 1, 6 and 5

Race 2: 6, 12 and 11

Race 3: 6, 5 and 2

Race 4: 9 (Best Bet0 with 6 and 2

Race 5: 5, 6 and 3

Race 6: 5, 4 and 7

Race 7: 7 (Best Bet) with 8 and 2

Race 8: 10 (Best Bet) with 5 and 2

Race 9: 3, 1A and 2

Race 10: 4 (Best Bet) with 3 and 2

Race 11: 2, 12 and 5