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$57,000 Good Reasons To Forget About Best Bets (4/9/17)

Apr 10th, 2017 | By | Category: Aqueduct, Keeneland, Today's Picks

As all of you who follow my site realize, there has been no better play than to focus on my best bets.  But I only went 1 for 6 with a flat bet loss on Sunday between Aqueduct and Keeneland, so why am I celebrating?  Because it has been my pleasure to handicap and give out my picks every weekend to anyone who wants them, free of charge.  So best bets aside, I went 7 for 18 for a huge flat bet profit and oh by the way, all rolling doubles, pick 3′s and exacta boxes where hugely profitable.  At Aqueduct, I listed the early pick 4 for for over $9,000 and the early pick 5 for over $47,000!!!!!  If anyone hit it, please let me know!  There is no better reason to post picks than to hear about the good fortune of those putting them to good use!

Thanks to all my readers for all their support and good wishes.  Only a few weeks to the Derby.  Can’t wait!!