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2017 Has Been A Profitable Year So Far….

Feb 13th, 2017 | By | Category: Today's Picks

As you know, I have been handicapping Gulfstream every weekend since January 1st and the racing has been fabulous — with big fields that are challenging to navigate.  So, I am proud to share some stats from the meet so far.  As of today, in 2017, I have handicapped 14 cards and have had a flat bet profit  in both straight win bets and best bet win bets 8 times.  The actual numbers are as follows:

Overall Win Bets (Based on $2 wagers): 40 for 160 – $65.80 flat bet profit (20.5%)

Overall Win Best Bets (Based on $2 wagers): 14 for 48 – $21.40 flat bet profit (22.1%)

I have been touting best bets to all my readers and despite going 0 for 3 yesterday, these bets have been very profitable.  Hope to keep it up and here are a couple of highlights over the past 6 weeks:

2/11/17: Listed $6,000 late pick 5 and $1,100 late pick 4

2/5/17: Picked Framento on top at 18-1

1/21/17: Went 3 for 4 on Best Bets for a flat bet profit of $21.80

1/27 & 1/14/17:  Picked 5 winners on top

1/8/17: Listed late pick 3 for $3,300 and late double for $900

Results from Aqueduct have shown a small loss on win bets and best bets — so I hope to be better here when the weather gets warmer and the cards are more challenging.  For the next several weeks, let’s focus on Gulfstream and remember to be disciplined about how you bet.  It doesn’t matter how well you pick, it matters how well you bet when opportunities arise to make money.  Right now, it’s focusing most on my best bets.  Good luck all year and thanks again for all your interest and support!!