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Day 28 At Saratoga — It’s A Big “Closeout” Sale On Travers Day (8/29)

Aug 29th, 2009 | By | Category: Saratoga, Today's Picks

Sloppy and soft at Travers Day with races 1, 5 and 13 off the turf.  My big plays today will be horses who have run well on soft turf and I will list a few horses if any other race is switched to the main track.

In race 9, The Ballaston Spa, Closeout (#3) can post the upset in this competitve turf event.  She runs her best on off turf and can stay close enough to the pace and get up in time.  I’m boxing her in exactas with Captain’s Lover (#6) and My Princess Jess (#2) and using in doubles and pick 3′s.

In race 6, Valtrus (#5) also likes soft turf and can post the upset at a decent price.  I using her in exacta boxes with Big Jerome (#8) and Picou (#1) and in doubles and pick 3′s.

In The Travers (race #12), Warrior’s Reward (#3) may be a super horse in the slop.  I’m using him and Summer Bird (#6) in doubles and pick 3′s.  Here’s the entire card and good luck!

Race 1: 13 and 7

Race 2: 8 and 3

Race 3: 8 with 3 and 2

Race 4: 4 with 2 and 9;  Main Track: 7 and 16

Race 5: 10 with 1 and 5

Race 6: 5 (Best Bet) with 8 and 1; Main Track: 13 and 3

Race 7: 6 (Best Bet) with 7 and 8

Race 8: 10 and 11

Race 9: 3 (Best Bet) with 6 and 2

Race 10: 4 and 5

Race 11: 3 with 2 and 8

Race 12: 3 and 6

Race 13: 1A and 3

Day 27 Recap At Saratoga — So Cold I Can See My Breath Condense (8/28)

Aug 28th, 2009 | By | Category: Saratoga, Today's Picks

It had to happen.  I couldn’t continue to pick horses at Saratoga without enduring a cold streak of epic proportion.  And the last three days have been pretty cold — so cold, the dragon couldn’t breathe fire when I was around.  Today, I did have two winners on top (listed 3 winners), including one of my best bets, but the first 6 races where total disasters.  No doubles, no pick 3′s and worst of all, no exacta boxes — a bet which has been my real profit maker.  From races 6-10, I felt like a real handicapper again and I was a head away from listing the late pick 3′s and pick 4.  I even had a cold exacta in race 10 for $24.

Saturday is Travers day, the highlight of the meet at The Spa.  The only thing worse than being cold coming into the Travers is being cold and wet!  It’s supposed to rain cats and dogs, but maybe Mother Nature is doing me a favor.  Maybe I need a change from all the nice weather to change my luck.  All I have to say is it will be a challenging 13 race card with lots of scratches and surface changes.  Perfect — an easy day to try and get hot.  I’ll do my best to repeat last year, when I had a great Travers day.  Just ask my friends who were there and I will see you on Saturday!  I expect a warm reception.  Post time is 11:30am so check my picks by 11am.

Day 27 At Saratoga — Trying To Get “Spanked” In A Good Way (8/28)

Aug 28th, 2009 | By | Category: Saratoga, Today's Picks

In a terrible mood today after two days of terrible handicapping.  Travers day looks wet and scratch-filled and I was hoping to make a splash tomorrow without an appearance from Mother Nature.  Oh well, there’s always today’s card, still fast and firm, where I deserve a good spanking in race 6!  Spanky Fischbein (#2) is the speed in a paceless sprint race and we could get more than 2-1.  I’m boxing him with Lucky Dreamer (#9) and Arcata (#1A) and keying in doubles and pick 3′s.

In race 7, a 1 mile turf race with so much speed, Loxy Lady (#6) towers over these on route experience and speed figures — I’m keying her in doubles and pick 3′s and boxing in exactas with Pearl of Valor (#4) and A.P. Light (#3).  Here’s the entire card and good luck!

Race 1: 4 and 6

Race 2: 2, 9 and 6

Race 3: 3 and 2

Race 4: 2 and 7

Race 5: 10 with 1 and 4

Race 6: 2 (Best Bet) with 9 and 1A

Race 7: 6 (Best Bet) with 4 and 3

Race 8: 2 with 6 and 5

Race 9: 5 with 3 and 1

Race 10: 7 and 9

Day 26 Recap At Saratoga — How About A Mulligan (8/27)

Aug 27th, 2009 | By | Category: Saratoga, Today's Picks

You would think after 26 days, the dragon would let you have one back.  I was trying to be an “indian giver” today, and if I could take my picks back and start over, I would do it in a heartbeat. Only listed 3 winners, none on top, and I wasn’t even close in many races.  Indian Ashton was ahead the entire race in race 5, only to get swallowed up in the final 16th.  No doubles, no pick 3′s and only one exacta box.  It only reminds me that this journey is not a sprint, but a marathon like I’ve never been on before.  But, two days until The Travers and I’m not the type to run away from a challenge, even if it is The Saratoga Dragon.