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Day 12 Recap At Saratoga — Lots of Seconds And Thirds That Added Up To Winners (8/10)

Aug 10th, 2009 | By | Category: Saratoga, Today's Picks

Two weeks at The Spa and the trend continues.  Only had 1 winner on top (my best bet at 3-1), but listed 7 winners on the card.  An astute horseplayer can still make money on my picks — even when I’m not picking winners on top.  Today I had three pick 3′s that were all profitable investments (races 1-3 for $45.20, races 2-4 for $53 and races 6-8 for $106).  During those races, my top picks won once, my second picks won 4 times and my third choices won twice.  I also had two great exacta boxes in races 4 and 7 — if you just played exacta boxes in all races that I had 3 horses listed, you won for the day!  In fact, if you only played $5 exacta boxes in races where I listed 3 horses for the entire meet, and didn’t bet anything else, you would have made a flat bet profit!

So, I’ve made my point, but since this is also about picking winners, I am 22 for 118 for the meet (18.5%) with a return of $154.  Not bad, but still a little behind the local handicappers in the New York papers.  But, there’s still 4 weeks to go and imagine if I get hot!  Keep the faith — I think the dragon is worried!

Day 12 At Saratoga — Will There Be A “Tale” Of Winners (8/10)

Aug 10th, 2009 | By | Category: Saratoga, Today's Picks

Fast and firm on the last day of week 2 at The Spa.  Trying to build on 3 winners from yesterday’s card and hoping to quiet the critics who insist only on winners and can’t catch anything else!

In race 5, The Signature Stallion, a 1 1/2 mile turf marathon, Avie’s Tale (#4) drops from a tougher spot and can get the distance from close range.  I’ll play her in doubles and pick 3′s and in an exacta box with the favorite. Communique (#5).  I think those are the only 2 horses in the race that can win so play accordingly.

In race 8, Multidude (#9) may get a perfect stalking trip behind the speed and prevail.  I’m using in exactas with Spanky Fischbein (#5) and Rereadthefootnotes (#8) and in doubles and pick 3′s.  Here’s the entire card and good luck!

Race 1: 9 with 6 and 8

Race 2: 4 and 1

Race 3: 2 and 1

Race 4: 1 with 2 and 3

Race 5: 4 (Best Bet) and 5

Race 6: 5, 4 and 11

Race 7: 5 with 4 and 10

Race 8: 9 with 5 and 8

Race 9: 10 with 8 and 3