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Hope We Have “Nine Lives” At Belmont (6/28)

Jun 28th, 2009 | By | Category: Belmont, Today's Picks

Make sure you are quick like at cat when you handicap at Belmont.  If the speed bias remains from Saturday, pounce on Carolyn’s Cat (#1) in the First Flight Handicap (Race 8).  She is absolutely the main speed, 7 furlongs shouldn’t be a problem and she should have more than enough to hold off  Porte Bonheur (#3) in the stretch.  I’m keying her in big doubles with Bullara (#8) and Dr. Rico (#9) in the 9th race.  Here’s the entire card and good luck!

Race 1: 2 with 7 and 5

Race 2: 4 (Best Bet)

Race 3: 1 and 8

Race 4: 7 and 1A

Race 5: 6 with 4 and 7

Race 6: 1A and 7

Race 7: 3 and 8

Race 8: 1 (Best Bet)

Race 9: 8 Best Bet) and 9

Race 10: 3 with 5 and 6

Our “Big Red Hope” Today At Monmouth (6/28)

Jun 28th, 2009 | By | Category: Monmouth, Today's Picks

Let’s hope that my horse in the 7th race at Monmouth can put us in the black!  Big Red Hope (#2) is the stalker in a sprint race loaded with speed and should get the job done at 2-1!  I’m keying in doubles and pick 3′s.  Here’s the entire card and good luck!

Race 1: 2 and 3

Race 2: 3 and 5

Race 3: 6 and 3

Race 4: 4 with 2 and 11

Race 5: 2 and 1

Race 6: 8 and 7

Race 7: 2 (Best Bet)

Race 8: 9 with 8 and 11

Race 9: 8 and 3

Belmont’s Super-Highway Is A Handicapper’s Nightmare (6/27)

Jun 28th, 2009 | By | Category: Belmont

So yesterday’s 4th race at Belmont, The Fratello Ed, was shaping up to be a dream race.  I’m on the phone, giving the race call to my friend Marty, and three horses(Wishful Tomcat, R Clear Victory and Future Prospect)  are battling for the lead in this 1/16 mile race, through brutal fractions (45, 108.3).  Surely, the favorite is going down and a closer is going to win this race and my brilliant handicapping will be rewarded with posting another winner.  Then the dream became a nightmare — the pacesetters forgot to stop, Wishful Tomcat forged to victory, my closers (Dr. V’s Magic & Naughty New Yorker) were nowhere and Martin gave me his familiar words of encouragement…click!

Why relive the nightmare?  Well, it seems that especially on Saturdays, Belmont’s main track becomes a super highway that loves speed and doesn’t play fair.  It reminded me that if you are going to win at this game, and enjoy handicapping, you have to determine if there is a track bias and play accordingly.  So, if you are going to play my horses, keep in mind that as a “race flow” handicapper, I typically look for closers when there is lots of speed.  The Fratello Ed was a perfect example!  Unfortunately, even a dream trip becomes a nightmare under those circumstances, so please “wake-up” and change your strategy if there is a bias.  I promise to change my picks if that happens, so check the site!

By the way, had three winners on top at Belmont (thank goodness for turf) and listed 4 winners at Monmouth.  Not great, but let me dream great!

Don’t Think It’s “Wishful” Thinking To Try And Beat Tomcat At Belmont (6/27

Jun 27th, 2009 | By | Category: Belmont, Today's Picks

On a day where everyone will be watching Rachel Alexandra in The Mother Goose, there’s another race that may grant my betting wish.  In the Fratello Ed (Race 4), Wishful Tomcat (#3) will be the favorite and could win the race.  However, there will be ample speed to run with him so I’m using both Dr. V’s Magic (#4) and Naughty New Yorker (#2) to beat the favorite.  Both will be a good price and both will close into this pace and be there at the wire!  I’m betting an exacta box and using in doubles and pick 3′s.  Here’s the entire card and good luck!

Race 1: 7 and 5

Race 2: 1 and 2

Race 3: 8 and 6

Race 4: 4 (Best Bet) and 2

Race 5: 8 with 9 and 6

Race 6: 8 and 5

Race 7: 2 and 7

Race 8: 10 with 1 and 8

Race 9: 3

Race 10: 4 and 7