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  • October 14, 2018
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    It’s A “Boy” At Keeneland (10/13/18)

    Fast and firm for the Saturday card -- been holding my own down here, but most winners have been small ...

    It’s A “Happy” Time At Belmont (10/13/18)

    Good and soft/yielding for the Saturday card with races 1, 3 6 and 10 off the turf.  Been having a ...

    It’s A “Boy” At Belmont (10/8/18)

    Fast and good for the Columbus Day card with races 2 and 10 off the turf.  Listing a lot of ...

    Draining The “Swamp” At Belmont (10/7/18)

    Fast and good for the Sunday card -- listed 8 winners yesterday, the early pick 4 and had 4 exacta ...

    Can’t Stop Thinking “All About” Keeneland (10/7/18)

    Fast and firm for the Sunday card -- the last two days have been challenging with several huge price upsets, ...

    A Big “Endorsement” After Listing A $197,922 Pick 6 With 4 Winners In the Sequence & 2 Best Bets (10/6/18)

    Fast and good for the Saturday card -- an incredible highlight of 45 years of handicapping happened yesterday!  Picked 5 ...

    The Biggest Handicapping Headlines From The 2017 Breeders Cup (BC) Are In “The Headlines” (11/5/17)

    Another day after the Breeders Cup to sit here and digest all the things that happened over the last two days.  The great performances from Gun Runner and Forever Unbridled which reinforced their emergence as the best of their generation; the mystifying performances of the Euros whose favorites barely lifted a hoof and whose long [...]

    Keeping My “Pride” At Saratoga (9/3/18)

    Fast and firm for getaway day at Saratoga — 5 winners on top yesterday (including 2 best bets), so I am going down swinging after a tough overall meet, so let’s see how I do today with another difficult card to navigate! In race 4, Win with Pride (#7) was claimed by crafty trainer who [...]

    Being Held “Accountable” At Belmont (10/14/18)

    Fast and soft/yielding for the Sunday card with races 1 and 4 off the turf.  Only 2 short priced winners on top yesterday, but my best bet in race 8 just missed at 7-1 and combined with my second choice for a $93 exacta, so let’s see what happens today. In race 7, Hold Accountable [...]

    “Lewis” Makes Me Smile On Derby Day At Churchill (5/5/18)

    Fast and firm for the great 14 race Derby card, but there are showers in the forecast so beware of changes in track conditions (especially if any races are taken off the turf).  A very good day yesterday with 5 winners on top (including a $26.20 best bet) which made overall win bets and best [...]

    It’s A “Boy” At Keeneland (10/13/18)

    Fast and firm for the Saturday card — been holding my own down here, but most winners have been small prices and there have been a lot big prices, so let’s see if I can find a few of them this weekend! In race 5, I Got The Boy (#2) cuts back and gets cozy [...]